4 Baby Grooming Tips All Parents Should Know About

4 Baby Grooming Tips All Parents Should Know About

We can all agree that babies are adorable little human beings. However, despite their newborn baby scent and irresistible good looks, there is still a need for parents to take care of their grooming needs. Since babies’ skin is naturally more sensitive and delicate than us adults, it is important to implement the right baby grooming care for your child in order for them to feel clean and comfortable.


If you are feeling overwhelmed with the many baby grooming products available in the market and are unsure where to start, no worries, as we got you covered. You can find a list of foolproof baby grooming tips in this article.


1. Use a filer to trim baby’s nails

Trimming a baby’s nails is arguably one of the toughest tasks a mother has to take on. Babies are unpredictable and tend to move and wiggle about without warning. These traits combined make it highly difficult to trim a baby’s nails without risking injuring them.


As such, instead of using a nail clipper, we recommend opting for a nail file. Yes, the process may take longer, but you can reduce the chances of your baby getting hurt. If time is a significant factor, consider investing in the Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set. The set comes with a trimmer pad to smoothen baby’s nails and a metal pad and cone to safely file down their nails quickly.


2. Brush baby’s scalp

Some parents may be worried about the lack of hair growth in their baby. This is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. Some babies simply have more hair than others, primarily due to genetics. However, research has shown that brushing or massaging a baby's scalp can stimulate hair growth.


This is where the Haakaa Goats Wool Baby Hair Brush or Haakaa Silicone Shampoo Hair Brush can come in handy. Aside from promoting blood circulation to their scalp, brushing can remove any dry skin and loosen cradle cap, a skin condition commonly found in newborns that causes oily patches on their scalps. What’s more, the action of brushing your baby’s scalp is extremely relaxing and may put them to sleep.


3. Clean baby’s nose daily

Regardless if your baby is sick with a stuffy nose or not, their nose should be gently cleaned on a regular basis. This is to ensure that babies do not experience nasal congestion that can prevent them from breathing properly through their noses, which is especially vital during breastfeeding.


To clean your baby’s nose, use a gentle nose cleaner like the Haakaa Easy-Squeezy Silicone Bulb Syringe Nose Cleaner to suck up any dirt and stubborn boogers that cannot be removed with warm water. As the product is entirely made from silicone and contains no plastic, it is resistant to bacteria and mould.


4. Use a soft towel

As mentioned above, a baby’s skin is delicate, so under no circumstances should you use a harsh towel to dry their scalp and skin after bathing. If you are looking for a good towel for your baby, we recommend one crafted in bamboo cotton, a material known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, not to mention being sensitive skin-friendly.


At Tudl Care, you can find a collection of towels from BambooBebe, a well-known brand based in South Korea. From dedicated hand and face towels to a hooded bath towel for convenience, BambooBebe’s products protect your baby’s skin from any harmful chemicals and guarantee a safe yet enjoyable grooming experience.



By following these few tips, you are set to pamper your baby from head to toe. No baby spa is needed!


All the above-mentioned products are offered here at Tudl Care, a leading online baby store in Singapore. As we go the extra mile to test and curate our baby care products, parents can look forward to getting their hands on the very best.

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