Educational Toys &Games in Singapore

Benefits of Reading and Maths Toys

Reading and Maths toys are two of the best educational toys for children as they promote various learning benefits and enhance each child’s development.

As maths toys encourage children to solve numerical problems or complete structures, they are a great tool to stimulate children’s problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. They
can also provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)-related skills that help your child progress in school.

Another benefit is equipping children with creative thinking capabilities. Reading toys and even some maths games require children to think outside the box to cross a hurdle or play with them. By thinking deeper, your child can learn to express themselves and discover various perspectives to solve problems.

How Wooden Educational Toys Support Child’s Development

Compared to other materials, wooden toys are safer, durable, more interactive, and can capture children’s interest. Taking inspiration from the classic STEM toy - a wooden block, wooden educational toys introduce children to the world of maths and science. Children must learn to leverage their hand-eye coordination to match and recognise patterns and build and balance blocks.

In addition, wooden toys simply look aesthetically pleasing and can complement your interior space well.

Why Tudl Care?

Tudl Care is a top online provider of educational toys in Singapore. We have specially curated a collection of reading and maths toys designed to improve children’s fine motor skills. From stacking and re-arranging blocks to playing with different textures, our toys provide many opportunities for hands-on playtime, which are essential for children to develop their movement as well as physical and emotional strength.

Here at Tudl Care, we take it further by handpicking each toy and ensuring that it exceeds our expectations. We want the very best for our customers, so our online store only features excellent educational toys that meet children’s needs.

All of the toys offered in our store are from established brands around the world, recognised for their commitment to crafting well-made toys that can last a lifetime.

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