Teether & Fresh Food Feeder in Singapore

Do All Babies Need A Teether?

Teethers are not a necessary product that all babies need, unlike what many parents may come to believe. However, using a teether may help to soothe babies’ swollen gums and ease their pain during teething, which occurs when teeth start growing. As such, they can come in handy for babies (and parents!) who are frustrated by the pain and want to relieve the discomfort.

When Should My Baby Start Using A Teether?

According to paediatricians and health professionals, most teethers are safe to use by babies aged above three months old, though teething generally occurs between four to seven months old.

At Tudl Care, we provide a collection of tried-and-tested non-toxic teethers in Singapore designed with babies’ comfort in mind. Take for example, our Haakaa teether, specifically the Haakaa Silicone Palm Teether, which is made of 100% food-grade silicone. As long as the teether is crafted with safe materials that contain no chemicals and is soft to handle, it can provide a comfortable teething experience for your baby.

Benefits of Using a Fresh Food Feeder

When introducing solid foods to your baby, they may run the risk of getting choked. To prevent such scenarios from happening, using a fresh food feeder can be helpful. A fresh food feeder consists of a little pouch made out of silicone or mesh, allowing your baby to chew on their food safely and easily.

Most parents may want to hit two birds with one stone by getting both a fresh food feeder and a teether. This is why our Haakaa Fresh Food Feeder and Teether set is particularly popular in our online store.

Why Tudl Care?

Like other products carried at Tudl Care, our teether and fresh food feeder are sourced from internationally renowned brands. From the Mushie Rainbow Teether to the Haakaa Silicone Palm Teether, there is a wide range of aesthetically pleasing designs for your baby. Your baby’s teething or eating process will no longer be uncomfortable!

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