BambooBebe - Cloth Diapers, Baby Napkins, Blankets & More

BambooBebe was founded in 2006 by a Korean mom and her love for her son "Muk". She was determined to create the cleanest, eco-friendly and highest quality fabrics for little ones all around the world. All products are 100% made in Korea and are the 1st and only brand who annually maintain a Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certification. BambooBebe is quality you can feel and is a household name loved by Korean moms everywhere.

Tudl Care is proud to be the first provider of BambooBebe’s products in Singapore.

Due to its revolutionary bamboo fabric, BambooBebe has risen to become the number 1 premium bamboo baby care brand in South Korea. From baby cotton napkins and clothing pieces to bedding products such as bamboo baby blankets and pillows, all of BambooBebe’s products are manufactured and sewed in South Korea with rigid quality management. In addition, BambooBebe is the first and only brand to constantly renew its Oeko-texcertification (class 1), demonstrating its commitment to enforcing safety and sustainability standards.

Signature Hankerchiefs & Cloth Diaper 

BambooBebe’s Cloth Diaper take versatility to new heights. Made with 70% bamboo (rayon) and 30% cotton, the range of cloth diapers are exactly that - a piece of cloth! This allows parents to reduce their carbon footprint by being reusable and easily washable, as well as being used in many ways.

Gauze Handkerchief

The top choice for mothers in Korea, an airy handkerchief with unparalleled softness and absorbency. The material makes it gentle enough to wipe your baby’s face and mouth without causing any irritation or rashes.Whether it is drool or leftover food, you can keep your baby clean by using the Gauze Handkerchief.

Embossed Handkerchief

1.5x more threads and larger than the standard gauze handkerchiefs for fewer wrinkles and greater strength. When tied safely and securely around your baby’s neck, the Embossed Handkerchief can act as a bib during teething and mealtimes or as a scarf to keep your baby warm during colder days. The Embossed Bamboo Handkerchief can function as a baby napkin or bath towel alternative as well.

Cloth Diaper / Bath Towel

Known for its amazing absorbency, smoothness and extreme versatility. It can be used as a towel, swaddle, bedsheet, sunshade and even blanket. It can not only be used as a Bamboo Cloth Diaper, but also as a towel, swaddle, bedsheet, blanket, and even a sunshade to protect your baby from the scorching Singapore sun.


All of BambooBebe’s towels are crafted with bamboo (rayon) and cotton, allowing for a super soft fabric that is safe to use on babies’ sensitive skin. From classic hand towels in beautiful prints to hooded bath towels for the utmost comfort and absorption, BambooBebe has got you covered.

Hand & Face Towels


Pure and cloud like to the touch, the original gentle BambooBebe Hand Towel.

Double Loop

A combination of Bamboo Rayon and Microfibre to bring the best softness and absorbency.

Dual Colour

Bring a dash of colour into your baby's life with the pastels from the dual colour collection.


The village collection brings abstract art in 3 designs and colours. Bird Peach, Mountain Lime & Moon Pink.

Village II

The village II collection brings abstract art in 3 more designs. Flower Blue, Forest Green & Sun Yellow.

Body Towels


Pure and cloud like to the touch, the original gentle BambooBebe Body Towel.

Dual Colour

Bring a dash of colour into your baby's life with the pastels from the dual colour collection.


The village collection brings abstract art in 2 designs and colours. Bird Peach and House Lime.

Pocket Hooded

The functional hooded bath towel. comes with hand pockets on the back to allow parents to quickly but gently tap dry your little one


BambooBebe’s range of bedding products, including pillows and baby bamboo blankets, are made from either of these 3 unique bamboo materials: Micro Bamboo, Micro Bamboo Cotton, and the all-new Bamboo Modal. All materials offer excellent absorbency and breathability, but each of them comes with its own set of benefits. The Micro Bamboo is lightweight and fast-drying, whereas the Micro Bamboo Cotton and Bamboo Modal are highly durable and prevent static electricity, a crucial factor in baby-proofing bathtime.

Four Season Comforter

The ultimate soft and refreshing comforter for your baby, made from triple layer gauze.

Four Season Pillow

Composed of Bamboo, Modal & Cotton for the utmost comfort for your baby's head.

Head Shaping Pillow

Engineered to support your baby's head while providing deep slumber and a cloud like feeling.

Gauze Blanket

Made from Signature double layer gauze fabric for amazing insulation and temperature regulation.

Jacquard Blanket

Sleep sound & cozy with the premium jacquard blanket. Superior breathability, warmth & comfort.

Waterproof Changing Pads

Portable Changing Pad

85 x 65cm
A smaller form factor to protect from messes on the go! Features a soft and breathable bamboo top layer and waterproof coating underneath.

Animal Cotton Changing Pad

65 x 100cm
Made from 5 layer bamboo gauze that features excellent durability, absorbency and softness. The mat contains a waterproof layer in the centre which allows the mat to be used on both sides

Changing Bed Pad

100 x 130cm
A larger form factor perfect for home and on beds. Features a soft and breathable bamboo top layer and waterproof coating underneath. Great for preventing accidents at night as well!


Airy Arm Nursing Pillow

Soothing comfort for your little one during nursing and feeding. Rest their delicate heads on the light gauze fabric for a perfect nursing session.

Village Baby Burp Cloths

A ultra absorbent burp cloth offers the perfect coverage while providing the upmost comfort for both you and your little one.

3-Piece Teething Pad

Protect your babies delicate face and mouth while on the go. This 3 Piece set includes 2 baby teething covers and a teething pad, that can be adjusted in a multitude of positions and equipment such as carriers, car seats and strollers. 

Mothers Cape Burp Bib

Worry less about your clothing getting dirty or irritating your baby's skin with the cape style bib from BambooBebe. The ultra absorbent cape style burb pip offers perfect large coverage for mothers to burp, feed or carry their little ones.

Why choose Korean Bamboo Fabric?

  • Breathability - Korean Bamboo fiber has a special structure that allows high breathability and coolness. This makes it very suitable for babies in hot climates, as they tend to maintain higher body temperatures compared to adults.
  • Absorbency - Korean Bamboo fiber is more absorbent than cotton, as their structure contains micro holes and gaps that absorbs baby dribbles and sweats faster and more efficiently. This helps keep sensitive skin cleaner and fresher.
  • Soft Touch - Korean Bamboo fiber has a soft and silky touch to the skin, that is perfect for sensitive skins prone to irritation.
  • No Pesticides and Chemicals - Unlike other countries bamboo fibre, korea bamboo grows up with natural sunlight and water. It does not use any pesticides or chemicals, which may cause irritation or allergic reaction in babies. It is also a eco friendly alternative to other fibres.