7 Tips And Tricks For A Healthy And Smooth Pregnancy

7 Tips And Tricks For A Healthy And Smooth Pregnancy

Many mothers tend to overlook the importance of their health when caring for or expecting the birth of their child. Remember that at the end of the day, the mother’s health directly impacts the child's health, so if you want your child to grow up healthily and strong, you need to look after yourself as well. As a rule of thumb, a woman should immediately consult her doctor once her pregnancy is confirmed. However, by also observing these few tips listed below, you can increase your chances of experiencing a healthy and trouble-free pregnancy journey.


1. Stay hydrated 

It is common knowledge that adults should drink at least eight cups of water daily to stay hydrated. For pregnant women, aim to drink up to 12 cups of water. This is because women require a higher water intake to form amniotic fluid, boost the production of blood, build new tissue, and ensure nutrients are transported throughout the body. Being well-hydrated also allows you to flush out any wastes and toxins that can potentially harm the baby.


Do note that drinking more than 12 cups of water can cause water intoxication and other health complications.


2. Adhere to a suitable diet plan 

During pregnancy, women are limited to a few food options. Certain foods, such as some types of cheeses, raw and rare meats, liver products, and unpasteurised milk, have been found to endanger the health of mother and child. Instead, a suitable diet plan for pregnant women features foods that promote steady development in the baby, like dairy products and high-protein foods. You can further improve your nutrition by consuming more veggies, folate-rich foods, and taking prenatal vitamins.


3. Take it easy

Pregnant or not, we should strive to reduce stress whenever possible. However, pregnant women are more susceptible to the adverse effects of stress and other overwhelming emotions. From suffering from high blood pressure to giving birth to a low-birthweight infant, there are many health complications caused by stress that can put both the mother and baby at risk.


As such, you should look for ways to avoid being in stressful and anxious situations. You can practise mindfulness by doing breathing exercises, participating in prenatal yoga, or simply going for a light walk.


4. Get moving

Getting regular exercise is crucial for everyone, but especially so for pregnant women. If you take the time and effort to perform light workouts each day, you can gain many physical benefits, including relieving backaches, reducing bloating and swelling, and easing constipation. Overall, exercise has been proven to alleviate some of the symptoms of pregnancy and even lower the risks of pregnancy complications.


5. Wear supportive shoes

Who can say no to an opportunity to stock up on more shoes? As your bump grows bigger, the added weight gain puts extra strain on your toes. Your body will also retain fluids, causing your feet to swell. All these can make walking uncomfortable, so getting your hands on pregnancy-friendly footwear is necessary. We recommend opting for one that provides good foot stability without squeezing your feet.


6. Protect your skin with sunscreen

Pregnancy can also result in the skin being more sensitive to the sun. As you may already know, sun exposure can lead to detrimental effects on our skin, such as hyperpigmentation, sunburn, and skin cancer. To protect your skin, apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day, even when you are staying indoors. You can go for one that contains no chemicals and scents to be extra careful.


7. Purchase baby care products

Even though pregnancy can be exhausting, you can make the experience a little easier by having pregnancy-aiding products on hand. Before your due date, head out and purchase vital baby care products, such as breastfeeding supplies, bath tools, and swaddles and blankets, to name a few. This ensures that you and your partner are well-prepared before the baby arrives and avoid getting into a situation where you are flustered about which products to buy.



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