Unleash Creativity With These Open-Ended Toys

Unleash Creativity With These Open-Ended Toys

Stressed about finding the perfect toys for your kids? Balancing nurture and play for your precious ones can be tough, especially when toy options seem limitless. Open-ended toys have proven to provide flexibility in play that your little ones will appreciate. These toys do not have a default purpose, and kids can use them in multiple ways to prompt creative thinking.


These open-ended knickknacks allow for non-regimented playtime, with your kids being free to build as they go. The experience is whatever they make of it, and the possibilities are endless! We at Tüdl Care offer these educational toys online in Singapore. Let’s explore some here to get you started.


1. Building Blocks 

Building blocks provide a solid foundation for creative thinking. Simple in design yet exquisite in their benefits, these blocks can be used in many different ways. From stacking to counting and even imaginative roleplaying, your little ones can decide what they want to do for the day.


Babies can develop their motor skills, learn simple mathematics, and socialise with one another by simply learning how to adjust these blocks to suit their own needs. Whether it be counting the blocks or building mini-huts with friends, independent learning has never been easier! The added advantage of building blocks is that many are made of wood, aiding extended durability and longevity in play! Wooden toys have many other benefits, and building blocks perform wonderfully in this medium. Couple these with other wooden math toys, and you have a sturdy mix of both skill-based and educational learning in one play session!


We at Tüdl Care offer wooden building blocks varying in shapes and colours to stimulate curiosity and promote engagement in creative play! 


2. Rainbow Stackers 

Beautiful and interactive, rainbow stackers have long since been a staple of children’s toys. This colourful addition to your child’s playroom can act as a decorative object when not in use and function as just about anything else when your child plays with them! Traditionally, these are stacked on top of one another to create a rainbow, improving children’s reasoning and stacking skills. However, thinking outside of the box allows for many other fun activities.


Placing these on the floor could create an animal playpen, or lining them up could serve as a racetrack! Building these items from scratch instead of continually purchasing pre-made toys enables cost-effective play and challenges your little one to be resourceful in expanding their imaginative sphere.


Tüdl Care’s best-selling Mushie Baby Rainbow Stacker comes in three colourways, offering fun and functionality while effortlessly integrating into your home’s aesthetic.


3. Toy Animals

Toy figures have always been a versatile piece in any child’s toybox, but toy animals have really proven to be excellent storytelling mediums. Creativity is encouraged as children can build zoos, create a miniature savannah complete with teeming toy wildlife, and even keep their favourites as rare pets.


Children can re-enact wildlife scenes, learning how certain animals interact and applying these to their playtime, building their gross motor skills. Also, studying these animals' shapes and colours can help boost general knowledge early on! The possibilities seem endless when considering just how much they can accomplish with a friend playing alongside them.


Tüdl Care offers toy animals in a set, complete with a truck, to fuel storytelling within your child’s playtime! Imagination and learning truly meet here.


4. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are a fun way to teach organisational skills to children. Not only can these be stacked (as is their namesake), but they can also be filled with anything your little one’s heart desires. These cups are a gateway to a whole new world for your child; A future chef could bake a (pretend) cake, or a hero at heart could watch over a makeshift pool as their dolls go for a swim!


While seemingly simple, these cups hold immense promise in developing your young ones in their gross motor, social, and sensory skills. The encouragement of floor time comes with many benefits as well! When done playing, they can be neatly stacked up in a corner until your child’s next imaginary adventure.


Tüdl Care’s Mushie Stacking Cups Toy come in four different colour variations, offering neutrals as well as brighter hues. Mix and match designs for a truly creative experience!



Open-ended toys hold endless promise. One object can transform into a multitude of other functional items, and your child will have no end to the adventures they can have with just a handful of toys! The unique feature present amongst open-ended toys is clear: their absence of an intended purpose is their true advantage. Your child will no longer be limited to just one plane of play. They play by their own rules.


We at Tüdl Care understand the importance of functional, effective toys that bring out the best in your little one. As a reputable online baby store in Singapore, we carry the resources you need to aid your child in their development. That is why we offer these open-ended toys, as well as other forms of play and vital baby care products, for you. Browse our website now to view our great offers.


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