Why Wooden Toys Make For A Great Investment

Why Wooden Toys Make For A Great Investment

Children’s toys have evolved drastically over the years, though their main objective remains the same: providing entertainment for children yet educating them at the same time. If you enter a toy store, you would no doubt chance upon numerous plastic toys due to how readily available and affordable the material is. However, a certain toy material is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and that is wooden toys!


Wooden toys are actually one of the very first being put out on the market, and despite being overlooked in the past few years, they are coming back as more and more parents are made aware of their benefits. If you are still deciding whether to opt for wooden toys for your children, this article will certainly change your mind.


1. Promote creativity and fine motor skills

The biggest reason you should get your hands on wooden toys is that they provide an insightful educational experience for your child. Wooden toys are wonderful educational toys as they allow your child to practise important developmental skills, such as hand-eye coordination, drawing and writing, and constructing objects, to name a few. Some wooden toys, such as the Geometry Shapes Puzzle and Standing Abacus, require your child to match patterns and recognise numbers, introducing them to the world of Maths and Physics at an early age.


Depending on which wooden toy you get, it can also encourage your child to be creative and think outside the box. This is because most wooden toys are not battery-operated and do not come with sounds or attachments. As such, your child has to use their imagination to play and interact with the toy.


2. Versatile 

Do you know that when it comes to toys, less is more? Yes, it has become second nature for most parents, especially first-time parents, to buy a collection of toys to spoil their child. However, a recent study found that children with fewer toys are more likely to receive a higher quality of play. With fewer toys, your child can establish closer and deeper bonds with each toy.


This is where wooden toys shine. You will find that many wooden toys are purposefully designed to be multi-functional and versatile, with minimalistic features and offering open-ended play. This means that your child can explore a variety of ways to interact with their wooden toys and is unlikely to get bored with them quickly.


3. Durable 

If we have to pick out just one advantage of wooden toys over plastic toys, it would be durability. While wooden toys are not entirely indestructible, they are highly strong, can withstand many impacts, and last for a long time. For parents whose children tend to play with their toys roughly, wooden toys are what you should be looking for. What’s more, wood is also regarded as one of the safest materials for children.


Considering how sturdy wooden toys are, they can be handed down to your future children or donated once your child has grown up and no longer uses them.


4. Environmentally friendly

In this day and age, everyone is playing their part in being kinder to the earth and reducing their carbon footprint. Your child can start right off the bat as a baby or toddler by playing with wooden toys. Compared to mass-produced plastic toys, wooden toys are more sustainable and crafted with more care for the environment.


Take the toys offered at Tudl Care, for example. Classic World, one of the brands we carry, is known for its mission of providing quality toys that are made with an environmentally friendly production process.


5. Aesthetically beautiful 

Okay, this may sound like a superficial point, but some parents may prefer their children’s toys to match the interior of their home. If you are such a parent, wooden toys are a great option and go well with many spaces due to their neutral-coloured tones. This is one of the reasons why Waldorf and Montessori-based preschools tend to go with wooden toys, as these toys contribute to a calmer learning environment and expose children to nature indoors, not to mention being easy to clean.



If you are convinced after reading this article and want to purchase wooden educational toys online in Singapore, you are in luck. At Tudl Care, you can choose from a wide variety of toys, from wooden Maths toys to building blocks and puzzles, and baby care products. All our toys are manufactured by Classic World, a highly established company that has been creating children’s toys since 1998. For more about our products or general enquiries, reach out to us here.

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