4 Play Activities To Boost Children’s Development

4 Play Activities To Boost Children’s Development

Playing with your child is not only a way to entertain them but also allows them to develop important cognitive skills, such as thinking, communicating, imagining, and understanding. All in all, you can consider playtime as an opportunity to interact and bond with your child, in which your baby can safely test the world around them and explore their surroundings freely. While you do not necessarily have to include toys and other tools, you can look forward to optimising their playtime through these activities and educational toys.


1. Texture exploration

We live in a multi-texture environment, and by introducing various textures to your baby early on, your child can slowly develop a rich sensory language. Researchers have found that sensory play has the ability to strengthen a little one’s motor skills, especially when they start to reach and grasp objects away from them. This is a huge cause for celebration as well as it is a physical milestone for your baby. Whether hard, soft, wet, dry, cold, or warm, there are many textures you can introduce during hands-on play.


Here at Tudl Care, the Mushie Phone Press Toy and Mushie Paint Palette Press Toy are designed with sensory exploration in mind. Crafted with 100% food grade silicone and zero chemicals, the toys promise endless opportunities for safe yet engaging play.


2. Counting and measuring

Even if your baby still has a long way to go before entering school, it would be good for them to start counting and measuring at an early age. Maths is and will always play a crucial role in our lives. For children, in particular, it helps them understand spatial awareness and complex shapes and problem-solve. In fact, studies have shown that mathematical skills contribute to better academic performance overall than reading skills.


Tudl Care offers a wide range of educational toys online in Singapore, from stacking toys like the Mushie Stacking Rings Tower Toy and Stacking Cups Toy to the traditional Standing Abacus and Mathematics Learning Game from Classic World.


3. Organising

No, organising does not mean that your child literally helps out in chores. When we say organising, we imply activities like rearranging objects and making checklists. Even some board games can help to promote organisational skills in your little one. Despite their importance, organisational skills tend to be overlooked by parents, which should not be the case as organisational activities expose children to planning and sequencing. What’s more, they provide a great opportunity for your child to try their hand at being independent.


Our Classic World Magnetic Food Diary is one such board game that allows children to develop their organisational skills and learn other life lessons as well. In this case, it is about healthy eating! Other toys that can instil organising habits include Classic World Balance Stacking Game and Classic World Noah's Animal Sorting Ark.


4. Reading

While we have mentioned above that Maths skills are quintessential, your child should also never neglect their reading capabilities. Having an expansive vocabulary ensures your baby can communicate effectively and acquire knowledge during their later years. Vocabulary gradually develops with age, but you can speed up the process by reading to your child frequently and playing with literacy-based toys or games.


You can choose from a range of books in our online store or go for one of our toys that promote reading, such as the Classic World 48pc World Map Jigsaw Puzzle and Classic World Tabletop Easel.



Finding wooden Math toys and other educational toys in Singapore no longer has to be challenging or costly. Here at Tudl Care, we have specially curated a collection of wooden toys, baby care products, and many more of the highest quality in order for our customers to have the very best. If you are looking for a specific toy or have questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us here.

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