Exploring The Best Sensory Play Toys For Your Baby

Exploring The Best Sensory Play Toys For Your Baby

Sensory play toys are great for babies to promote many skills at a young age. Plenty of toys aid in early childhood development, making learning fun and effective even during playtime. With a vast number of these playthings available, here is a guide to the most beneficial sensory toys for your baby.


1. Teethers

Teethers can be great dual-use objects for babies. Many now come with exciting shapes and designs to promote sensory play while helping your baby along the dreaded teething process. With different materials and styles available, teethers can be exceptional playthings for babies to hone their fine motor skills.


With teethers like Tudl Care’s Haakaa Silicone Teething Ball, revamp teething into playtime. Our soft silicone ball design makes improving motor abilities a breeze, encouraging your little one to reach, grasp, and safely throw all in one toy. The design of the Haakaa teether specifically facilitates this development with its intricate ridged design and provides soothing relief for aching gums.


2. Baby rattles

Baby rattles promote multiple sensory developmental skills in babies. The grasping of the rattle and the cause-and-effect of shaking it to produce sound facilitates cognitive growth early on. This gives them a chance to exercise their hand-eye coordination in a fun way, keeping them engaged with sounds and bright colours.


Tudl Care offers rattles like our Elmo-themed Easy-Grasp Rattle, designed to engage your child to their fullest. From its recognisable Elmo motif to its specially curated design for innovative use, this tactile ball offers high-quality play all in one toy! Rock and roll with Elmo and maximise your little one’s playtime today.


3. Stacking cubes

Stacking cubes offer foundational support for babies who love to get physical and creative in their play. Improving sensory development with better agility and coordination, stacking blocks are great for getting the wheels turning in your little one’s head.


Using stacking cubes to create towers, little houses, or even for simple counting, the possibilities are endless with these multi-purpose toys. The epitome of motor skills development, gross motor strengths are honed here through moving the cubes into place. Tudl Care offers Classic World Stacking Cubes, enhanced with animals and numbers, to combine general knowledge with sensory development from a young age.


4. Busy boards

Busy boards are all-encompassing. Sensory toys target a plethora of childhood development abilities; your baby can practice their fine motor, visual, and physical coordination skills all in one toy!


Busy boards are dynamic, and no two are the same. With many design choices available, some boards target visual and sonic stimulation more, while others focus on physical engagement. Themed boards enable your child to grow an appreciation for the world around them early on, taking an interest in space or ocean-themed playsets as a foundation for general knowledge.


Tudl Care offers a variety of busy boards like our Classic World Rocket Busy Board. See the perfect fit for your little one, and personalise their learning experience today!



Sensory toys make for excellent avenues for merging learning and play. Make your child’s playtime more meaningful by incorporating essential developmental abilities in their routine and watch as their skills blossom. With a myriad of sensory toys to choose from, explore the best ones amongst the list above and see what fits your child’s routine the most.


Tudl Care offers these educational toys online in Singapore and other baby care products for your little one. We provide all the essentials in one place, making high-quality play possible whenever and wherever.


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