Toy Organization: Tips for Keeping Your Baby's Toys Tidy

Toy Organization: Tips for Keeping Your Baby's Toys Tidy

While having toys dominate an area of your home can be physically and visually overwhelming to you, the same can be worse for your baby. Infants and children benefit from routine and organisation. Having excessive toys or options at once can actually make the play and communication development of your child disorganised and scattered. Basically, there’s such a thing as “too much” when it comes to kids’ toys.


As such, it’s important for you, as a parent, to combat the clutter. Whether wooden math toys and puzzles or stacking rings and lacing beads, organising your child’s toys is a necessity if you want your home to be neat and tidy and your kid to learn about routines and responsibility. To help you in carrying out this mission, read on as this article shares some foolproof tips on how to keep your baby’s toys in order.


1. Invest in toy organiser bins

When selecting the storage solution for your baby’s toys, opt for baskets and shelves! Unlike toy boxes, shelves have a natural tendency to motivate you to limit the number of your child’s toys. Keep in mind that having fewer toys equals less clutter. Toys bins and baskets are excellent options for storing like items together and encouraging kids to choose only one or two toys to play with each time. What’s better is that baskets and shelves come in all varieties of shapes, sizes, and materials.


2. Avoid crowding or overfilling shelves and baskets

Overcrowding is a sure way to make your space a mess. It occurs when children can’t easily reach the toys they wish to play with. And in the process of getting to the toys they want, everything gets dumped out of baskets and pulled off shelves. So instead of overcrowding, space out baskets or shelves. If you find storage containers that are already full, it’s an indication that you should change the number or size of the containers or consider minimising the number of toys again.


3. Sort and group toys

What plays together should stay together. For instance, everything your child uses for arts and crafts must be locked up en masse and given a proper container. Grouping and storing toys together is an incredible way to organise toys since it helps you find toys and determine where they should be placed after being played with more easily. Some common classifications of toys include building toys, manipulatives, imagination toys, active toys, dress-ups, soft toys, and educational toys.


4. Use age-appropriate labels

After grouping toys together and setting them up directly in baskets or on shelves, the next thing you should do is to help your child know where particular toys are stored and where they must be put back by using labels. Labels basically help you keep track of your child’s toys. However, they should be appropriate to the age of your kid, so they can easily understand their meaning. For toddlers and younger kids, pictures are great labels. If your child can already read, then you can use word labels.


5. Try rotating toys

This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to organise your kid’s toys. A regular rotation of toys can be an amazing option for younger children who have a habit of dumping all their toys onto the floor simultaneously. It also helps when you wish to minimise the number of toys that are available for your child to play with, but you don’t want to give them away. In essence, rotating toys is a great solution for children and parents who always feel overwhelmed when cleaning up scattered toys in the house.



Although seeing too many toys in one place can excite your kid, it’s not always advisable since too many toys usually lead to clutter and can make your child’s development disorganised. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your baby’s toys tidy and organised by following the tips shared in this article. By making sure that their toys are always in order, you can help your precious little one learn the importance of being organised and responsible.


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